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Blood microscope

  • Model No.:DigiLens DMX 980
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Type:Biological Microscope,Fluorescence Microscope,Metallurgical Microscope,Stereo Microscope,Video Microscope

Key Features

Light design, View clear, Easy operation 

DigiLens DMX980 Portable micro-circulate machine- It is a new development product. It provide to observe the tip of finger blood vessel flow situation.The characteristic is as follows:      

Product characteristic:
  1、It is not a invaded method to inspect the blood micro-circulate situation for the body.
  2、The blood micro-circulate inspect the health situation by view perspective.
  3、It is a contact process. It can search the tip blood capillary position in 5 second. Easy operation
        (not  traditional XY goods)
  4、The micro-image is stable, clear and not move for contact process.
  5、 360 times, high definition lens for micro-circulate machine
  6、Light frame and easy to carry
  7、Portable light design(250g)
  8、The  lens can be exactly adjusted a focal distance to make the image  clear 
  9、Lens with LED light, the light can throw straight on a target.
10、Through the image catching card, it can be transmitted to computer. Then, it also can be saved
to edit for wireless network  transmitted and video conference.

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Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces


  • DMX 980 微循環檢測儀(攜帶型)