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Cell phone micro lens: DMX i95

  • Model No.:DMX i95 Double micro lens
  • Made in:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 20.0 ~ 20.0
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phone microcsope


  • OS:Android,Windows
  • Type:Bar,Flip,Rotatable,Slider
  • Minimum Order:1

Key Features

Simple stick of micro-lens on your cell phone and there is no mark. It can be washed with water and reuse.(Color: black, white , blue)(As your request) How to use : Open the double lens from the adhesive pad, Align the center of this lens to the center of the camera lens or phone . Confirm the position of the lens on the screen. Take a picture and see the amazing result !!! Put the lens cap back in position after each use. Specification : DMX-i35 : 4-16X & DMX-i95 : 12-50X Weight: 3 g

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