microcirculation microscope

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DMX 980 blood microscope
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  • Theory:Video Microscope

Key Features

Taiwan blood microscope,Taiwan microcirculation microscope manufacturers.

We are a leading manufacturer able to offer the high quality microcirculation microscope products in order to meet customers’ demands.

1、It is not a invaded method to inspect the blood micro-circulate situation for the body.

  2、The blood micro-circulate inspect the health situation by view perspective.

  3、It is a contact process. It can search the tip blood capillary position in 5 second. Easy operation

        (not  traditional XY goods)

  4、The micro-image is stable, clear and not move for contact process.

  5、 320 times, high definition lens for micro-circulate machine

  6、Light frame and easy to carry

  7、Portable light design(250g)

  8、The  lens can be exactly adjusted a focal distance to make the image  clear 

  9、Lens with LED light, the light can throw straight on a target.

10、Through the image catching card, it can be transmitted to computer. Then, it also can be saved

      to edit for wireless network  transmitted and video conference.

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